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Drakengard/Final Fantasy Roleplay - drakengard [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Drakengard/Final Fantasy Roleplay [Mar. 29th, 2010|12:30 am]
 If anyone's interested in joining a drakengard roleplay.

Dark | Medieval | Fantasy | Final Fantasy
C h a t r o o m & J o i n.✩.P l o t.✩.M a p s

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Join this Drakengard Roleplay! It is chat based -
for everyone who's been interested in finding a
chat-based roleplay, which means immediate results,
roleplay partners, and updates.

C r e a t e your own character,
from drows, to mermaids, to Apollo.
G a i n unique abilities, and level them up.
S l a y monsters from our bestiary.
P a r t a k e in unique missions and challenges.
G a m b l e away your character's gold,
all within the roleplay, p l u s much more.
This roleplay is a mixture of Drakengard and Final Fantasy
- if you do not know what Drakengard is, there's no need
to worry. The plot and story are easy enough that
anyone with a love for Final Fantasy series or the fantasy
genre in general can join in. The roleplay is set after
Drakengard 2, for those who know of the game.

Drakengard Roleplay

Email: Here