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Mood themes [Jun. 19th, 2007|10:56 pm]

[Current Location |hell]
[Current Mood |gigglygiggly]
[Current Music |mob song]

I've noticed a drakengard mood theme.how do you get it?i'm very confused.
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Drakengard Music Video [May. 1st, 2007|12:24 pm]

[Current Mood |artistic]

Hey everyone!! I made a Drakengard music video a while ago. Here is the link...


Let me know what you think. =D
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Secrets [Apr. 30th, 2007|06:17 pm]

[Current Mood |anxiousanxious]

My story 'Secrets'.It's a fanfic for Drakengard.It's yaoi so if it offends you don't read.The pairing is CaimxInuart.I'm trying new things, so please don't judge me.

Warnings:none at the moment
Summery:Inuart is hiding something.Can Caim find out before it's too late?

Crummy summery I know.

SecretsCollapse )
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Icons [Apr. 10th, 2007|03:21 pm]

[Current Mood |creative]

I made more.Still sucky but please look! I worked hard.I don't know how to make moving or real fancy ones.I just started making them.

BeginningsCollapse )
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Picture Request? [Apr. 5th, 2007|07:18 am]

Hey guys! :) I was wondering if anyone had the magazine scans of the Drakengard High School spoof.... Links would be wonderful!! Thanks, in advance!
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(no subject) [Mar. 2nd, 2007|08:56 am]

Still have the Drakengard Materials collection. :D 20 + 6 shipping! Will accept money order and paypal payments for it! [I'll just request a check from paypal.] Item will be shipped the day after I recieve payment, yosh!

If you are interested in buying it, just e-mail me at tsukiyomix@gmail.com

And uh! Unrelated note:
drakengard.net hosting died~ Content will be back online soon. xD
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Help me! [Feb. 25th, 2007|02:19 am]

[Current Mood |aggravatedaggravated]

I need assitance!What level do you have to be on to beat Yaha in the third playthrough?For all characters.I can't beat him!
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(no subject) [Feb. 23rd, 2007|01:44 pm]

Port Mango!


port_mango is a brand new multi-fandom RP looking for Drakengard 1/2 characters! Since it's new, all Drakengard 1/2 characters or any fandom at all are free for the taking so please take a look! ♥

[If this isn't allowed feel free to delete.]
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Selling Artbooks e_e [Feb. 17th, 2007|05:12 am]

Selling the two Drakengard artbooks! I'll sell them for $20 each $6 Shipping. I bought them both from animebooks and they are the ones I used to scan the images from for drakengard.net, but they are in EXCELLENT condition because I take care of my things! :D;

Please e-mail tsukiyomix@gmail.com if you are interested.

I accept payments -preferably- by money order, but you can send the money through paypal, but it is difficult at the moment because the account is not verified. Please only paypal if you *cannot* send a money order.

Books will be mailed out the next business day after I receive the money! :D;

Photo of artbooksCollapse )

Edit: Only the Drag-On Dragoon materials collection is available now as the second one has already been inquired about. Thanks~!

Icons [Feb. 16th, 2007|02:58 pm]

[Current Mood |distresseddistressed]

I made icons!Wee!Now i have a request:does anyone know where I can find good Dod 2 pictures?I wanna make some Dod 2 icons.

Save the Goddess!Collapse )
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